At the risk of being ostracised by the marketing agency brotherhood, we at The Honest Marketing Group wanted to share a few things with you that your current marketing agency probably hasn’t mentioned.

Why would we do such a terrible thing? Well, the truth is we are honest. We live and breath our values which are “simple, fair and distinct” and we show this in everything we do at The Honest Marketing Group because we believe in doing things a little differently. This is what we mean…

Firstly our aims are simple – we want you to achieve your marketing goals. This doesn’t mean that we are only interested in helping you if you pay us to do it for you!

Yep, let me say that again. We are not only interested in helping you if you pay us to do it for you. We are the only marketing agency in our area that will teach you how to market your business yourself. This is what makes us distinct.

We believe in being fair and giving everyone access to our services no matter what their budget. So, if you don’t have the money in your budget to pay for someone to market your business for you, we will teach you what you need to know to be able to market your business successfully yourself.

And, that brings us on to the 5 things that your marketing agency doesn’t tell you.

It takes less than 5 minutes to put a post out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter (or all 4)

Most marketing agencies use scheduling tools to post content to your social media pages. This means that they can mass produce posts and then schedule them to go out at specific times and specific days throughout the week or month.

Yes, we do this too, but we are telling you that we do it. We are not charging you for an hour to do something that only takes 5 minutes, or less.

There are many scheduling tools to choose from. Free ones include Facebook’s own scheduler, Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest (although you can now schedule pins for up to 2 weeks in advance on Pinterest on the platform itself). Buffer also allows you to post to 2 platforms up to 10 posts per week for free – or you can upgrade and pay for more.

If you are going to use a scheduling tool for your posts please bear this in mind, which is the second thing your marketing agency doesn’t tell you…

Scheduled posts get less reach

That’s right. The platforms know who is on them and what you are doing. They also know if all your posts are scheduled. You might wonder why this is so important…

Facebook, for example, likes you to be using the platform. It wants you to spend time on there because they want to be able to market and advertise to you and they can’t do that if you are not on the platform can they?

So, if they see that all your posts are put on while you are not actually engaging on the site (ie sharing, liking and commenting on other posts), you will find that you are penalised and your reach will not be very good.

This is compounded by the already vicious algorithms that get your post out to about 1% – 2% of your followers. Yep, just that tiny few of your followers will ever get to see your amazing posts. This brings us on to the third thing your marketing agency doesn’t tell you…

Why don’t all my followers get to see all my posts?

This is pretty simple. They also want to keep everyone else on the site too. This means they will promote content that is engaging (has loves, clicks and shares) and won’t promote content that doesn’t.

There is now (since September 2019) something called a relevance score attached to each and every post on Facebook. For those who have done paid advertising you will already know what this is and how it works, but for everyone else…

The relevance score gives Facebook an idea of how interesting your post is to your followers. To begin with your post is put out to a few of your followers. For argument sake let’s say 100 people get your post show up in their feed. If almost all of them comment on it, share it or engage with it in some way this will tell Facebook that it’s a good post and that your audience are enjoying it. Facebook will then give it a relevance score of around 8 or 9 and show it to more people.

If, however, only one or two people share or comment on it Facebook will think it is not very interesting and so give it a lower relevance score or around 2 or 3. They will show it to a few more people to see if the score improves, but to be honest, if it doesn’t, your post dies a death right there.

Here’s the proof

Like I said, we at The Honest Marketing Group are all about transparency and being honest and up front with our clients and students. Here are some examples of pages I have created and how well (or otherwise) they have done…

The first page has over 10,000 followers as you can see from the image below.

You might think that with that many followers my posts would reach a decent amount of people no matter what. You’d be wrong. Have a look at the image below and see the amount of reach I got with 2 random posts.

Yep, that’s right, a whopping 25 people got to see my post, out of 10,000 followers.

Now look at this other page that I created that has just 37 followers as you can see from the image below…

Now look at the reach I get from 2 random posts…

An amazing 192 and 145 people got to see these posts. Out of 37 followers. So how is this even possible.

Well this brings me on to the fourth thing your marketing agency doesn’t tell you…

How can massively increase your organic reach

My 10,000 followers (although nice to have for a social credibility factor) are completely useless to me. Most of them don’t know me personally and have never worked with me. They are not all that interested in what I have to say and they are therefore not engaged with my content, therefore my relevance score is very low and Facebook thinks my posts are not very interesting to my audience so it doesn’t show them to them.

These are people I have attracted by various different means over the years, but they ARE NOT my ideal audience.

Now let’s look at the other page with 37 followers. These followers do know me. They have worked with me. They like me and trust me and are extremely interested in the content that I post on that page. Therefore they are extremely engaged. They like everything I post, they share and comment frequently and therefore my relevance score is very high. Facebook sees that my posts are attracting comments and shares and so it will send them out to more people.

The fact that more people got to see those posts than who follow me just goes to show that you can get the algorithms to work in your favour if you know what you’re doing.

Facebook showed my interesting posts not only to my own followers but to people on Facebook who had previously shown an interest in that particular type of content. They are actively promoting my posts for me to people I have never met, but who are already interested in what I have to say.

This, in turn, means I get more likes for my page from people who are interested and engaged – and so it goes on.

Don’t be blinded by science from your marketing agency

Okay, we’ve shown you how easy it is to beat the algorithms if you know what, when and how to post on social media.

The biggest complaint I hear from clients is that people who are managing their social media for them are not getting much more reach than they were getting by doing it themself. The reasons should now be very clear.

  1. They are probably just scheduling all your posts
  2. They are attracting the wrong followers to your page
  3. They are not creating engaging posts that will improve your relevance score
  4. They are completely unaware of the algorithm changes and continue to do what they have always done.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see your insights or analytics from these social media platforms (they all have them available and your marketing agency should be sharing them with you).

Don’t be afraid to challenge your marketing agency and ask what they are doing differently to everyone else to help you stand out.

Make sure you know the content they are posting so that you can check it for accuracy, relevance and timeliness. I have seen posts go out that are promoting something that happened the month before – Not a good look for your business. The fifth thing your marketing agency doesn’t tell you is how, when and what to post…

Free gift for you

If you would like some idea of what, when and how to post on each of the big 4 platforms, we have created 4 FREE planners that will show you what you should be doing each day and week on each platform – they even give you some ideas of what to post.

This way even if your marketing agency is just scheduling stuff for you, you can at least get on there and put some live posts out once in a while.

Want them? – Just click on the image below and start posting good stuff that will get you noticed today.

Social media planners for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

I hope this post has helped you gain confidence to either speak to your marketing agency to make improvements where necessary, or it has inspired you to have a go at marketing yourself.

If you need any help, The Honest Marketing Group offers a FREE 1-hour consultation where we can get to know more about your business and marketing aims so that we can give you some great advice, hints and tips to help you improve.

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5 Things Your Marketing Agency Doesn’t Tell You

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