Fair, Simple, Distinct

The reason we choose the name The Honest Marketing Group is that it describes who we are and what we do.  Our values are “Fair, Simple and Distinct” and we live and breath these every day – and being different because you are underpins everything we do.

For us, it’s not enough to just provide a marketing service or to help you with your social media plans and strategies, we want to support you to stand out in a sea of sameness. We want you to get noticed online. We want you to know that as our clients we will be doing everything we can to help your business be different.

And the main thing that makes us different is that we offer you a choice. We can teach you to do your own marketing or we can do it for you – how refreshing! And because we have experience of running our own successful businesses, we offer proven marketing methods (no theory).

Helping You Stand Out

Hi, our names are Lisa and Lynne and we are The Honest Marketing Group.  And it is a pleasure to meet you even if it is virtually.

We met because I (Lisa) wanted to find someone to help me navigate setting up my own business as although I had over 25 years marketing experience, I had always worked for other companies. So needed advice and guidance on how to get my business up and running online in as quick a time as possible.

Twice the Support

After much research, I found Lynne and as soon as we met I knew we would get on.  We share the same values and work ethic which is always a great start (oh and we laugh a lot too which is definitely a fabulous thing).  And meeting Lisa (this is Lynne) was a breath of fresh air for me as she knew what business she wanted and how it would work – all she needed was support on setting it all up online.

But she couldn’t help herself from offering her own advice and support to my business. Her years of marketing and branding experience were soon made use of by me (Lynne) and I ended up completely rebranding and making leaps and bounds in my business because of this.

As normal, everyday people who run our own businesses, we decided to come together to form The Honest Marketing Group where we could help other small and medium sized businesses with their marketing and development opportunities. 

We are different to other marketing agencies as with over 55 years of marketing and business development experience between us, we understand the needs, concerns and worries of operating your own business.

Our logo also describes what we do…two people working with you to transform your business (hence the butterfly with two hearts as it simply describes us).

Being passionate about what we do and genuinely wanting to help other businesses is what drives us.  How great is it that we can share what has worked for us in our businesses as well as what has not.  As importantly, the ability to offer practical support (not just theory) of what you could be doing to generate more business by working in partnership with you. 

And you can be confident that you are working with senior experienced and knowledgeable individuals (as in us) – no account handlers or managers here.

Just two people who are passionate about helping others to be different nd stand out from the crowd.

Why are we different?

  • Business owners ourselves
  • Direct contact with us
  • Over 55 years combines marketing experience
  • No jargon
  • Transparent pricing
  • Want to be part of your team
  • Will always be completely honest and transparent
  • We will even teach you how to market yourself if that’s what you want – what other marketing agency does that?

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