Are you marketing your brand? By this I mean does you brand stand out, or is it getting lost in the crowd?

Marketing is all about getting noticed. You have to get people recognising you and knowing what you do if your campaigns are to be successful. But getting noticed isn’t that easy is it? Well, here’s how your brand can help you…

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is your businesses identity, its personality and its character. It should reflect what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

I’m sure you put some thought into how you wanted to present your business when you first started out. I’m sure that image has developed and evolved somewhat since then – that’s good, it should have. Your brand needs to evolve alongside your business, but…

Does it still represent your business accurately? Is is portraying your business in the way it is meant to? As your business grows and changes direction over time so will your messaging and maybe even your customer base. You need to make sure that you are making the necessary adjustments to your branding as this happens, otherwise you will be sending out mixed messages to your customers.

Maybe it would make it easier for you if you created a brand or vision board like this one. It helps to visualise how your brand will look both on and offline. Think about every bit of marketing you do from letterheads to business cards to compliment slips to websites and make sure they all look as though they are related to each other.

Marketing images showing similar styles, fonts and colours throughout

How to market your brand

1. Start by defining your brand.

Look at your product or service. Identify where it fits in the marketplace and think about how it solves a problem for your customers. Your brand should reflect how your business solves this problem in a way that is distinct and recognisable as your business.

2. Think of your brand as a member of staff.

We are all individuals. We have our own sets of beliefs, values, goals and ambitions that define us. These values and beliefs drive who we attract to us and who we repel. If you wanted to hire the perfect member of staff to promote your brand what would he/she be like? Put these characteristics into your branding and carry them through everything that your business does.

3. Consider the driving force behind your business.

What is your businesses purpose? What does it believe in? What does it encourage and what does it deter? Think about gurus in your industry, how do they portray themselves, what makes them your hero? Being able to emulate this will help you develop a strong character for your brand, attract the right customers and convert more sales.

4. Be true to your word.

Making promises that you can’t keep isn’t going to encourage long term relationships. Your brand needs to make realistic offerings that you can comfortably deliver. Aim to underpromise and overdeliver. Be clear about what you do and who you do it for and stay true to your word every day.

5. Be consistent with your messages.

Use the same tone of voice across all your marketing. Mixing it up will cause confusion and may harbour distrust. Having a consistent message and consistent tone will encourage trust and lead to more customers in the long run.

6. Don’t be too repetitive.

Instead, of saying the exact same thing over and over again, try to think of different ways of saying the same thing. This way your message will be coherent but you won’t be turning people off by boring them.

7. Don’t try to be someone you’re not

Don’t be tempted to mimic someone else. This can be tempting, especially for smaller business who want to seem bigger than they are. If you try and be someone you’re not you will come across as disingenuous and your businesses character and personality won’t be as believable. Be yourself.

8. Be different – be bold.

This is where you can outdo the big brands. Smaller businesses can be flexible, adaptable and more easily try something new and different without having to worry too much about how this will affect their brand – as their brand isn’t so “set in stone”. Think outside the box. How can you present your business in a way that is different from your competitors?

9. Don’t dilute or disrespect your brand.

When you are talking to customers, especially as a new or small business it is sometimes tempting to offer something at a lower or discounted price. Resist this urge. Stay faithful to your brand. Maybe offer extra things rather than slashing prices as this will be seen as extra valuable rather than less so.

10. Create some curiosity.

Don’t give everything away up front. Create some curiosity in your business by teasing your customers and allow them to find out more about you by themselves. We all like to share our latest finds don’t we, and this is a great way to get others sharing your brand for you.

We hope you have found those tips useful and that you will bear them in mind when you are working on marketing your brand.

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Are You Marketing Your Brand?

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