Everything you ever wanted to know about email marketing, that’s a big claim for one little post isn’t it? But, as you know, The Honest Marketing group are open and transparent with everything they do so I am going to make good on this promise – with a little help from my friend and mentor who I will introduce shortly.

But first, I would just like to say that if you are not yet using email marketing as a strategy, you need to start right now. There are a few good reasons for this but the main one is this…

…you need to be able to follow up with your leads. It is no good going to the trouble of getting people interested in what you have to sell, if you then let them walk away with no way of keeping in touch.

Cartoon guy on phone
I’m just checking you gave me the right number.

Remember the good old days when you used to ask someone you met at a nightclub for their number? I know, I’m showing my age, there are apps now that you can just swipe but just think back for a moment.

Well business is no different. How gutted would you be if that person who showed an interest in your offer just walked away and you never heard from them or saw them again? What a waste of an opportunity that would be wouldn’t it? And how annoyed would you be at yourself?

So, how can email marketing help with this?

Having someone’s email address means that you can keep in touch with them doesn’t it? I know, GDPR and all that, but if you do it properly and get the necessary permissions you can not only send them follow on information but future offers too.

These days people are bombarded with advertising. They see it everywhere. TV, Newspapers, social media, popups on websites, banners, billboards and the old fashion leaflet drops through the door. But here’s the kicker…

We have gotten so used to advertising that we pretty much ignore it now. We scroll past it on Facebook, fast forward or Skype Plus through the TV ads, we click the little x on the top of the annoying Google ads that irritate the life out of us on websites. We have become very good at not being sucked in by ads.

So why do companies still bother advertising?

Because it still works! But there’s a but, and it’s a big BUT. For advertising to work these days it has to do some or all of these things:

  • Appeal to a very specific group of people
  • Answer a specific question
  • Solve a particular problem
  • Alleviate a particular pain point
  • Stand out from the other ads about similar things
  • Be amusing
  • Be informational
  • Be inspiring
  • Be motivational

This is not an exhaustive list and you can probably think of a few more things that make adverts great – if so let me know in the comments so that I can include them in another post.

So how does advertising have anything to do with email marketing I hear you ask…

Well, here’s the thing. Email marketing (if done correctly) is advertising. It is advertising your brand, your company, you, your staff, your ethos and values and your offers, of course.

How does email marketing count as advertising?

Here’s how your email marketing is used for advertising – in a nutshell, although as promised I will tell you everything you need to know about email marketing very shortly…

Someone you meet at a networking event shows interest in what you do and asks you for your business card. MAKE SURE YOU GET THEIRS TOO! and tell them that you’ll drop them an email to confirm what you had spoken about. This is imperative because once they get home they will likely forget all about you as they have spoken to so many people.

But, you didn’t forget about them did you? Oh no. You have their business card which has their email address and you have already told them to expect an email from you. Make sure you send one. A small one. One that just confirms what you spoke about and nothing else.

What you don’t want to do at this point is turn someone off because you are coming across as a pushy salesperson. No one likes them. Instead you want to come across as a person of your word. You said you would confirm in an email and that is exactly what you have done.

The simple act of sending this email either later that day or perhaps the day after reminds them of you, your business and your offer. This is important as they are going to need to hear about it about 7 times before they make their mind up whether or not to take you up on that offer.

Yep, that’s a scientifically proven fact. We need to see or hear about something around 7 times before we start to take notice of it or take an interest in it. So, you have 5 to go….

…you spoke to them at the networking event (First touch) and then you emailed them to confirm (second touch). You now need to get that offer in front of them about 5 more times (without being sleazy about it) before they are likely to start taking a serious interest in it.

So, how can you do this without being sleazy or salesly?

This, my friends is where your email marketing comes into play. Here’s how it could work for you…

This is what is known as the 5 Point Touch Framework. It is a process that you should follow with your email marketing.

Let’s say you are personal trainer who is trying to get semi-fit company owners to improve their fitness levels by joining your Shape-Up Programme.

You spoke to such an individual at the networking event and told them about your programme. They asked all the right questions and said they may be interested in trying it out and asked for your card.

You gave them your card and asked for theirs in return. You also said you would drop them an email with the details later that day. You email them later that day with the details you spoke about earlier. You also add to the bottom of the email that you will send them out a simple exercise to try in the next few days so to look out for it.

A few days later you drop them another email that has a simple exercise for them to try that takes just 5 minutes every morning or evening. At the bottom of the email you tell them to try it for a week and you will check back with them next week to see how they are getting on with it.

One week later you email them asking them how they are getting on with the exercise. You might add another tip or two at this point. You also remind them in this email that you are running a Shape-Up Programme and there are still some spaces left if they would like to sign up. You could maybe tempt them further with a discount code if they sign up today (or this week).

At this point, they will they either say yes or, most probably they will ignore you. Do you stop speaking to them? No. You just carry on the conversation. You send them another helpful tip or perhaps recipe for them to try that increases energy.

The point is, with email marketing you can continue the conversation for as long as you need to until they join your programme (or until they unsubscribe from your email list).

At no point are you being salesy or sleazy. You are just offering them helpful hints and tips and reminding them of who you are and what you can do for them. You are keeping yourself at the front of their mind. You are putting your offer in front of them at least 7 times.

Hopefully, at some point they will decide to join your programme as they will now have had a chance to try out your hints, tips, diet or recipes and they will now know, like and trust you. This will make it far easier for them to make a purchasing decision once you put the offer in front of them again.

Everything you need to know about email marketing

And now, as promised, everything you need to know about email marketing.

As you have no doubt realised, there is quite a lot involved if you are going to run a successful email marketing campaign. It is a little too much for the scope of this one blog post so this is what I have done…

I have created a whole eBook, with the help of my mentor Stuart Ross, which literally tells you everything you need to know about email marketing – and a bit more besides.

Stuart is a self-made millionaire who made his money mostly from email marketing. He tried and tested many things over a 10 year period and those that work he teaches to his students (like me), and now I’m going to teach them to you through this eBook.

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