This post is going to help you to market to your ideal customer. It includes some great advice (that I have picked up from various sources over the years), and some actionable steps that you can do right now.

If you are struggling to attract the “right” customer, or you don’t seem to get much engagement from your current marketing strategies there are a few simple tweaks that you can make that will improve your results. Read on and all will be revealed…

The first thing you need to consider might seem obvious, and you might just roll your eyes at the screen, but hear me out.

Who exactly are you trying to attract?

This doesn’t just mean well duh, customers. It means who EXACTLY are your customers. And again, that doesn’t mean everyone and all ages and all genders, it means specifically. Here’s why that is so important…

If you just try to attract everyone, you will attract no one. Your marketing won’t be speaking to anyone in particular. Here’s an example of that that I am currently using myself and you can go ahead and check it out too…

I am an affiliate marketer, which means I market products and services online and get paid a commission for everything I sell. One of the products that I market are swimming goggles (random I know, but there you are).

So, these swimming goggles are pretty much like any other swimming goggle that you have ever seen. They are unremarkable, not the latest fashion and don’t come in a range of funky colours. They are just swimming goggles – BUT…

… and here’s the thing, they have a slightly deeper cup than other swimming goggles that I have tried so I came up with the idea of selling my goggles to people with long or extended eyelashes. Genius right? You are probably thinking that’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever heard. I mean, why would I want to exclude just about every single person in the world from buying my goggles? But that isn’t what happens, and here’s why…

My marketing is speaking to a very specific and individual group of people. It is attracting those people who are looking for swimming goggles that won’t rub their eyelashes (I know, who knew there would be a market for that). But there is.

And it is this targeted approach that is making all the difference to the amount of goggles I am selling. You see here’s what would have happened if I had just marketed swimming goggles…

I would have been up against the giants in the marketplace such as Speedo, Zoggs and Aquasphere. My non-descript, very ordinary goggles wouldn’t have stood a chance against those in the search engine results, but…

People who are specifically searching for goggles for long eyelashes or for people with eyelash extensions are seeing my marketing right there at the top of page one on Google. Now if you don’t believe me just go ahead and Google it right now.

As you can see I am ranking for the keywords long eyelashes and extended eyelashes (which are much less competitive than swimming goggles).

So there you have it. I have identified my target audience and my marketing is now more effective.

How are you trying to attract them?

The next thing you need to look at is how you are trying to attract them? What method or strategy are you using.

Usually, the first thing I hear when I ask this question in my training workshops is silence. Many people don’t have a strategy and are just trying every method they can think of. Please don’t. This is not a very effective way of attracting the “right” customer.

For example: recently in one of my training groups I had a person who is a landlord and rents out houses of multiple occupancy to young professionals. He said that he was getting loads of interest but that they were not the kind of people he needed for his house.

I asked him where he had been advertising and he said Gumtree, Facebook and a couple of other places such as RightMove. I then asked him to consider this:

Is your ideal tennant likely to be looking to rent a room on Gumtree?

He was looking for young doctors or nurses that are travelling from other parts of the country (or world) or engineers or tutors etc. After a couple of minutes thought he could see how Gumtree would probably not get him in front of the people he was looking for.

He is now using NHS magazines, industry papers and speaking with local university campuses and colleges and getting a much better response.

This is exactly the same when you apply it to social media. It is no good promoting your services or products all over Facebook if your audience is on Instagram or YouTube.

To attract the “right” kind of customer you need to be marketing in the places they hang out online.

Do they know it’s you?

Many of my clients have made the fatal error of promoting themselves online in an inconsistent way. This is not going to help you get noticed.

Think about your posts. Do they use similar imagery? Do they have a consistent message? Are the colours you use consistent? Is your brand or logo front and centre in your marketing?

Being able to get noticed by the very people you are trying to attract is far more likely to get you results. If your ideal customer passes you by because they don’t realise it’s you. you are not marketing correctly.

Make sure that you are using your branding correctly. Use the colours that you are known for in all of the marketing material you create. You can even make some simple templates using free graphic tools such as Canva or Gimp.

Have a look. Make sure that you promote that look as much as you promote the product or service that you are trying to sell. The faster people learn about you, your brand, your business and your products, the faster they will become a customer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Marketing isn’t easy, in fact it’s really hard to get right. Even the experts get it horribly wrong sometimes, I’m sure you have heard of the adverts that get criticised or banned.

Like everything else, there is a knack to marketing and there are many different aspects of the whole process that must work together seamlessly if it stands even a slight chance of being successful.

There are many marketing agencies that can help you design and run a marketing campaign and will even look after and run your social media for you – we’re one of them.

We are a little bit different from the rest though (well of course we are), but this is why we are different…

We work with our clients to help them stand out in the crowd. We help them identify what is different and unique about their business and shine a light on this across everything they do. This includes helping them get the imagery right, the headlines right, the messaging right and the marketing right.

We want to work with clients who want a partner not an agency. we want to be part of your team and get to know your business so that we can make it noticeable in your niche. We want you to be successful in your marketing so that you will tell others about us – the best form of marketing by far!

But what makes us really different is that we only work with 10 clients at any one time. This way we can devote our time and efforts to your marketing campaigns and make sure they work for you.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We have packages and services to cater for every budget and we offer a FREE 1 hour consultation so that you can get to know us and we can get to know more about your business and your marketing objectives so that we can offer personal and bespoke advice and support.

We would love to hear from you and get to know more about you so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation – What do you have to lose? Just hit the button below.

We hope you have found these tips useful. Go now and apply them to your current marketing, I promise you will see much better results.

Til we meet again, goodbye and good luck.

How To Market To Your Ideal Customer

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