I have been asked many times by my clients how to market your business using Pinterest. Many of them have a personal account and use it for collecting ideas and inspiration but few of them know how to use it correctly to promote their business.

This post is going to talk you through exactly how to get the best out of your Pinterest business account so that it generates traffic to your website and drives sales.

First of all you will need to create a business account. You can either upgrade your personal account (which I wouldn’t recommend) or sign up for a new account.

Create Your Free Pinterest Business Account

It’s free to get a business account. If you are going to set up a new account you will need to use a different email address from the one you used to set up your personal account – your business email would be best.

For full instructions on how to create you business account please see here where Pinterest will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Once you are all set you will need to create some boards for your pins to be pinned to. To get started create about 15 boards. But, before you rush off and create your boards you need to think about how you are going to be using Pinterest to market your business.

Build Your Boards

First, your boards need to be relevant to your business. If you are a life coach you will need boards about self-help, personal development, motivation and mindset, goal setting etc.

Lisa and I are marketers so our boards are all about marketing. You can head over to our Pinterest account and check them out there to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

You will notice that I have created a board called “Best of The Honest Marketing Group” This board is exclusively for our own pins. No pins from other pinners get pinned to this board, I will explain why a little later.

You will also see that our profile says what we do and includes a call to action. In this instance it is asking for people to call us to book a 1 hour free consultation. This is it below if you didn’t visit the profile.

We are a small marketing agency specialising in marketing your business so that it stands out from the crowd. Call now for a free 1 hour consultation.

You will notice that we say what we do (marketing agency), who we do it for (your business), and how it will help them (help your business to stand out from the crowd). Then we have our call to action (Call now for a free 1 hour consultation).

Perfect Your Profile

Your profile needs to follow these same basic marketing rules. You need your ideal customer to be able to identify with you as soon as they see you. If they have to guess what you do or how it will help them they probably won’t become a customer any time soon.

Marketing is all about getting the right message to the right people, and the clearer you are about this the better. The average time someone will look at something online these days is about half a second. Wow!

Think about how you use your social media. You will scroll through your feeds absentmindedly until something catches your attention. Then you will stop and give it half a second. If it is something of further interest you will give it as long as is needed. This is how EVERYONE uses social media.

Think about how you look at websites. You will click on to the website and expect to see exactly what you are looking for immediately. If you don’t you won’t stop to search around the site, you will simply click away and be gone forever. This is how EVERYONE looks at websites.

This is why you need to attract your customers attention immediately with your marketing and your profile is just one simple way you can achieve this. So, go now and create a profile that will grab someone’s attention and don’t forget to add a call to action. You can see ours below…

This account was created just 3 weeks ago (as of the time of writing this post) and you can see that we are already getting 3.4K monthly viewers. Think about your Instagram or Facebook pages, are they getting you this many viewers?

Build Your Following

For this account I am being choosy about who we follow and who I attract the attention of to follow us because I am looking for followers who will be engaged with our content and therefore repin it and click on it.

I currently only have 75 followers. In just 2 months of starting my other Business Builder account I had over 1500 followers and I will show you how I did this as having more followers in the beginning will help you get your message out their faster.

The first thing you need to get your head around with Pinterest is that it is a search engine first and foremost. It is not a social media platform in most senses of the word. Pinterest is more like Google than it is like Facebook. This is important, here’s why…

Learn about SEO (search engine optimisation)

To become successful on Pinterest you will need to learn about SEO (search engine optimisation). People use the search bar to look for ideas and inspiration as well as for goods and services.

That’s right. People actually use Pinterest to search for things to buy. This is why it is such a powerful marketing tool and why you most certainly should be making full use of it to market your business online.

Let’s say you are looking for a copper kettle for your kitchen. You would put copper kettles into the search bar and this is what you would be shown…

Here are some pins that include copper kettles. You can keep scrolling to see more. Once you see one that takes your fancy you simply click on the pin and it opens up the description, like this…

If I like the look and sound of the product I click on the pin and it takes me to the website where I can buy it, like this…

So, in just a couple of clicks I am exactly where I need to be on a website to buy the product I like and desire. How simple is that?

Create the Perfect Pin

But, there are a few things you need to do to ensure people find your pin. This pin was found by the image of the copper kettle. Yes, Pinterest can see images and you need to be careful about what you put in your images for this reason.

Obviously then, if you are selling goods you need to include an image of the product in the pin. You should also, wherever possible, include the keywords within the pin ie Awesome Copper Kettles. This will reiterate to Pinterest what the pin is about and the focus of the pin.

Don’t worry if you sell a service because you can just as easily sell services on Pinterest, like we do at The Honest Marketing Group. Here is one of our pins that is offering help with social media marketing…

When you click on the pin you will see the description like this…

You will see that the title includes the key words “social media marketing”, these keywords are also included in the pin image. You will also notice that is mentioned in the description too. I am giving Pinterest every clue as to what my pin is about and what keywords I want it to rank the pin for.

If someone is interested in learning about social media marketing and they click on the pin, it takes them to this blog post right here on this website…

Increase Leads and Sales

Once they are on your website (or blog) you can make other offers. In this example I teach them how to get more out of social media but I offer to help them with their marketing and offer a free 1 hour consultation.

Now, back to those boards I mentioned. 15 of them, all relevant to your business. You need to pin your pin to the board that is most appropriate. for example I would pin this to my social media marketing board.

I would also pin it to my Best of The Honest Marketing Group board. I said I would get back to this board, and here’s why I have one of these…

  • It makes it really easy for you to see all of your pins in one place.
  • You can select that as your featured board which means you can show only your own pins on your profile header
  • Some collaborators will want to see examples of your pins and this is a great place to send them

Although Pinterest is a great tool for generating traffic and growing your sales, you will still need to produce pins that people actually click on. You will also need to produce pins that Pinterest will show to the right people in the search results. So how do you do this?

5 Steps To Create The Perfect Pin – A Free Guide

I created a free guide for my clients a while ago that talks you through exactly how to create a perfect pin that Pinterest will be happy to promote for you. You can get your free copy right here.

Once you have learnt how to create some amazing pins all you need to do is pin them to your boards along with pins from other people of the same or similar topics.

I know this seems weird as why would you pin your competitors pins to your boards? But the idea of Pinterest is that you curate information for your viewers. This means that if you have a marketing tips board you pin marketing tips from wherever you can find them and not just your own pins.

Also, if you share other people’s pins they are more likely to share yours so your viewers will grow exponentially as their viewers get to see your pins in their boards.

So, in summary:

  • Create your business account
  • Write a great profile that says what you do, who you do it for and how it helps them plus a call to action
  • Create about 15 boards that have keyword titles and include keywords in the descriptions
  • Add about 50 pins to each of the boards to begin with. These can be pins from other pinners that are similar in content to your own
  • Create some great pins to pin to your best of board and another appropriate board
  • Pin at least 30 pins per day to your boards with at least one of your own pins. You can create multiple pins for one product, service or blog post.

How To Start Gaining Followers From Day 1

One last tip: To start you off getting followers do this:

  • Put the name of one of your boards into the search bar
  • Click the down arrow at the side and choose boards
  • Follow a few of the boards that are shown in the results
  • Repeat this for every one of your boards
  • Aim to follow about 30 boards per day for the first 2 weeks

Don’t forget, if you need help to market your business using Pinterest we are here for you. Our range of packages suit any business or budget and we also offer a FREE and no obligation consultation. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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