Being that bit different

Fair, simple and distinct are the foundations of our business so, as you would expect, we have transparent and affordable pricing

We also live our ideal of helping you to stand out from the crowd and this is why we have come up with our pricing policy.

During our market research when setting up our agency, we found that most marketing agencies do not publish their costs.  We are different and want you to be confident in knowing at the beginning what our costs are.  You will only ever pay for the time it takes us to carry out the work we agreed upon. Honest, fair, simple and distinct, like everything we do.

Daily Rate

Simply £500 per day (we both charge the same rate per day)

Yes it is that simple.  Even our packages are worked out on this basis – it is the amount of time that you require which will determine our cost.




We keep costs low:

£50 for half day workshop

£100 full day workshop

No hidden charges – ever!


And we are happy to offer a FREE one hour consultation for our first meeting.

Come and have a coffee with us and get to know us better and find out how we can help you.


Built based on where you are, from launch to grow to develop – you choose based on your requirements.  Costs are based on number of days per month that would be allocated (£500 per day)