We have recently helped Shara in building her brand for her new hand crafted and unique jewellery pieces. She has stunning products and needed support on positioning her products to engage with customers and generate sales.
Shara enjoyed working with us and returned to get support in building her social media strategy, ecommerce website and the technical aspects of the social media platforms.
It has been our pleasure and we cannot wait to see how successful the business becomes!
“Working with Lisa and Lynne has been great as they have experience of running their own businesses so really understand what is involved.  Lisa has a rich marketing background and supported me in developing my brand positioning, social media strategy and even some copywriting.  Lynne with her deep online technical knowledge, helped in refining my website so it truly represents my unique products in a professional way.  And she supported my daughter in the technical aspects of social media.  We have both benefited from working with Lisa and Lynne who were open and transparent in their advice guidance and support.  Thank you ladies”
Shara Soraya Neal, Jewellery Business Owner, Atelier No8

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