Here are 3 simple marketing tips that will increase your sales next year…

Marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it does need to be carefully planned. By taking time to plan your marketing strategies you are far more likely to achieve your desired results. Here’s why…

Marketing to no one in particular is not going to get your message resonating with anyone. The more specific you can be with your message, the more targeted your campaign the better chance you have of someone relating to it and taking action.


I am always met with indignation when I try to teach my clients this principle for the first time. I have looks of sheer incredulity as I try and tell them that they need to be aiming their product or service at a tiny proportion of the population.

They think that they will be excluding the rest of the world from buying their product or service and this is because they think that they only need to run one marketing campaign. This is so wrong; in fact, the opposite is true. Here are my 3 simple marketing tips that will increase your sales significantly next year:

Know your audience

Knowing who your audience is will help you to convince them to buy your goods or services. Read that sentence again because it is key to EVERYTHING in marketing.

Here is a quick example that I use in my training workshops. Let’s say I sell Levi jeans. I decide to go and do a little market research to find out what people are looking for in their jeans so that I can make my marketing more effective.

I ask a 20-year old what they want from their jeans. This is what 20-year olds my workshops have actually said…

“they need to be a trendy cut”

“they need to have rips in the knees to put my wine glass in”

“they need to have big enough pockets to put my phone in”

“I want them to fit well so that I look good in them”

I then ask a 50-year old what they would like from their jeans. This is what that age group have actually said in my workshops…

“I would like an elasticated waste”

“they need to be comfortable”

“they need to be good value for money and not fade in the wash”

“I need to be able to work in them, so I have to be able to bend down comfortably”

Can you see my dilemma? I am selling Levi jeans, but the needs and expectations of my customers are wildly different depending on their age. The gender differences are apparent too. Girls are far more interested in looking good, boys are more interested in the label being on the outside – go figure.

This means that if I market my jeans in a generic way, I am not really appealing to any of my customers.

Have a look at these examples of marketing copy…

Levi Jeans for sale. A brand you can trust.


Levi Jeans – fashionable, latest ripped knee look, large pockets for your devices. This would more likely appeal to my younger customer base.

Levi Jeans – Comfortable, elasticated waste option, durable and value for money. This would more likely appeal to my older customer base.

As you can see from the examples above, I am appealing to the individual needs and expectations of my different customer bases. The generic option is not really appealing to anyone is it? Whereas the two specific headlines are calling out to those with these specific requirements.

I don’t just preach this, I practice it too. I sell swimming goggles as an affiliate marketer. My goggles are just like any other swimming goggles, except I did notice that they had a slightly deeper cup than my Zoggs or Speedos. I used this USP (unique selling point) to make them more attractive to a very specific audience. So tiny, in fact, that you might think I’m completely mad.

Here is exactly how I market my swimming goggles…

The Best Swimming Goggles For Long and Extended Eyelashes..

Yep, I have literally excluded the rest of the world other than those people with long eyelashes from buying my goggles. You can go ahead and Google it right now if you don’t believe me. But here’s the kicker…

Because I am selling to such a specific niche, I get people clicking on my post and links every day. Take a look at the chart below…

Graph showing result of using my marketing tips.
Clicks and sales on Amazon

The fact that I am not trying to sell just any old swimming goggles, but rather I am selling a solution to a problem (the fact that long eyelashes rub on the inside of most swimming goggles) I am far more successful with my marketing of this simple product.

By knowing what your customer is looking for in a product or service, you can adapt your marketing to satisfy those needs.


Make sure you concentrate more on the benefits of your product or service than on the features. For example, let’s go back to my Levi jeans.

Features: Front and back pockets. Zipper. Denim material.

Benefits: Fashionable cut. Large pockets. Comfort fit. Value for money.

As you can see, the features are not particularly inspiring, are they? They don’t shout out to anyone. But the benefits are much more like to get some interest because they are telling my customer that they are meeting their specific needs.

Okay, so knowing your audience is going to help you increase your sales, but here’s something else that you may have not considered that will help too. Marketing tip number 2.

Data cleansing – tidying up your lists etc.

This may seem like a strange thing to include in marketing tips, but trust me, it will make a huge difference to your sales and conversions from your marketing.

How long have people been sitting on your email list for? Have you contacted them recently? Have they engaged with your emails, opened them, replied to them or clicked on any of the links that they contained?

It is good practice to cleanse your data every so often so that you are only sending information to people who are interested in what you have to say. There are couple of reasons why this is a good idea…

  1. If you use a mailing service like Mailchimp, Aweber or Mailerlite, your open rates will be recorded. If they are much lower than your industry average this can potentially flag your content as spam and therefore you are more likely to end up in someone’s junk mail. This will also affect future emails, so do whatever you can to avoid that happening as it will be very difficult to fix later. They also record click-through rates (when people have clicked on links contained within your emails), again these need to be at least as good as industry average if you are going to make any sales from your emails. You need people on your list who are actually going to click through to your offer pages.
  2. If you are sending information to people who are not interested, you are in effect wasting your time, and you may even be alienating yourself from someone who may have become a customer sometime in the future. Make sure that the emails you send are relevant to the people you are sending them to and that they have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

There is also the small matter of GDPR. I know that there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who are scare mongering you into wiping your lists and never darkening anyone’s inbox ever again, but the simple fact is that you just need to have permission to contact them.

If you cannot prove how you got that permission then they are probably a good candidate to either delete from your list, or you could re-contact them asking for permission to keep them on your list.

Cleansing your data every so often means that you get lists that are full of people who are interested in you and your business and are engaged in your content and offers. These are the people who are more likely to click through to your offer pages and buy your products or services. These are the people who are going to be emailing you back to ask for more information. These are the people you want on your lists. You don’t want someone on there that is not going to do any of the above.

But how do you know when it’s time to delete them?

I know that sometimes people take a while to warm to you. They need to see a few emails from you before they even notice that they are from you. They need to sample a few tips, hints, ideas or free trials before they engage with you. This is quite normal and so you must give them some time to do this before you finally give up on them.

Although there is no hard or fast rule on what is considered the appropriate amount of time to keep someone who is not engaged on your list, I would say that if you have contacted them at least 7 times and they are not engaging by opening your emails, clicking on links or replying to you, then they are probably good candidates for the delete pile.

Keeping your lists clean and having engaged people who are willing to read your emails and sample your offers will help you make more sales next year. There is, however, a much better way of increasing sales that you can do for free and that will not take much extra time. Here’s my marketing tip number 3.

Optimise Your Content

Of all my marketing tips, this one is probably the most important. So many of my clients send me emails but there is no follow on action, no offer information or nothing to say what to look out for next. This is such a wasted opportunity.

Optimising your content is going to make a massive difference to the sales you can make but it doesn’t take any extra time or money.

Let’s explore this in a little more detail…

Think about the emails you send out to your list. What do they typically contain? Maybe they are in the form of a newsletter that you send out once a month or twice a year. Maybe they are adhoc emails that you send out when you have achieved something out of the ordinary. Maybe they are offer emails that you send out whenever you have a sale on.

Like every other aspect of marketing, you will be much more successful if you have a strategy to your email marketing. This way you can test things to see what works, measure things to see the effect your marketing is having on sales, turnover, profit, footfall etc and, of course, it is easier to duplicate the things that make that difference.

So, what strategy can you apply to your email marketing?

First of all segment your lists. Don’t just have one huge list of people who you send out the same email to. Instead have segments or different lists for those who have shown an interest in different things.

For example; I have the following lists or segments:

  • Those who want to learn about blogging
  • Those who want to learn about email marketing
  • Those who are interested in improving their online marketing skills
  • Those who have attended one of our workshops
  • Those who want to learn how to use Pinterest
  • Those who are interested in social media advertising

Now imaging I send a generic newsletter to all these people every month or so. It wouldn’t be very specific or engaging for them would it?

What if instead I sent an email about the best way to get more traffic to your blog to those who are interested in blogging? Do you think I would get more people opening that email?

What if I send an email explaining the latest Facebook algorithm changes to those who interested in social media marketing? Do you think they would be likely to open it and have a read?

My point is that I send information to people who have shown a specific interest in that particular topic or subject. I make sure the content that I send is relevant and that improves my open rates. It also improves my click-through rates because they want to see the tips, tools and offers I am making on that specific subject and this in turn improves my sales conversion rates.

Another thing I do is to make sure that every one of my emails is optimised for something. This may be to get them to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram or it might be to make sales. I do this by adding a “call to action” something that asks them to do something or to take the next step.

For example, here’s one for this post….

For plenty of marketing hints and tips, why not like our Facebook Page. You can find it right here and we can help you stay ahead of the trend in your marketing for 2020 and beyond!

In a social media marketing email I might add something like…

Why not come along to our next workshop and find out how to get the most out of your online marketing. You can find out more about them here.

Anyone who has received previous emails with good tips, hints, tools and methods would be more likely to respond and book on to a workshop as they will now know, like and trust me enough to part with their money.

So there you have it. 3 simple marketing tips to help you increase your sales. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to market your business successfully. Give them a go and let us know how you get on and the improvements that you see.

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Until next time ?

3 Simple Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales

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