Welcome to the Honest Marketing Group, a marketing agency based in the West Midlands and that is a little bit different from all the rest.

Whether you are just getting around to taking marketing more seriously and need help with setting everything up from scratch, or you have been marketing your business for a while now but need a little more oomph to get you noticed among your competitors at The Honest Marketing Group we are ready to help you achieve your goals. Here’s how…

The Honest Marketing Group is made up of Lisa (The Little Artisan Marketeer) and Lynne (The Business Builder) who together have over 55 years of marketing and business development experience.

Already we have helped over 1,000 businesses between us in the last 15 years and we are extremely proud of this. But this is only the beginning. We want to help as many more as possible to stand out from the crowd with their marketing, and this is how we do it…

We listen to you. We learn about your business. We find out what your goals and ambitions are for your business and we WORK WITH YOU to achieve those goals. We, and our marketing agency, are very much part of your team – but without all the overheads of having to pay staff.

Successful marketing means being noticed. It doesn’t matter how much you promote your business, if no one notices it’s not going to bring about the results you are looking for.

How do you get your marketing noticed?

By far the most common mistake people make in their marketing is that they are not specific enough. Their marketing doesn’t speak to anyone in particular but rather tries to please a wide range of people. This is not as effective as being specific and here’s why…

Let’s say you are marketing Levi jeans (just because everyone has heard of those so it’s easy to talk about). If you asked a 20 year old what they would want from their jeans they might say;

  • “They need to be the latest cut”
  • “They need to fit well and make me look good”
  • “They have to have pockets big enough to fit my phone in”

Now let’s ask the same question to 50 year olds. They will probably have other requirements from their jeans such as:

  • “They should have an elasticated waste option”
  • “They should be comfortable”
  • “They should be good value for money”

I can sell my jeans to 20 year olds, and can sell my jeans to 50 year old’s, but they each want different things.

Think about your product or service. Does it have different benefits for different groups of people? If so, use this in your marketing. The more specific the better.

The other mistake that we see often is lack of identity. Your customers don’t find it easy to spot you because you are not consistent in how you present yourself. This is particularly true of online or digital marketing.

Think about the platforms that you use to promote your business. Who posts on them? Is it different people? Are they saying different things? Are they using different images and messages?

Chances are that even if you are doing all your own marketing you are not being consistent. Have a look at your Facebook page (don’t have one? get one right now). Now look at your Instagram profile. Does it look the same as the Facebook page? Now look at your LinkedIn profile. Does it look the same as your Instagram or Facebook profile?

If you keep showing up as different identities, how are your customers going to easily spot you? How are you going to attract them across the different platforms? How are you going to get NOTICED?

Think carefully about your branding. By branding we don’t just mean your log or the colours you use, we mean the message you send out, the tone of voice you use, the images that convey that message. How do people start to recognise you?

Whether you are marketing traditionally or digitally you are going to need to stand out from everyone else. You are going to have to think about how you can be that little bit different from everyone else in your marketplace. How is your marketing going to get you noticed over your competitors?

To do this, think about the different ways you can get your message out there. Video, podcasts, live-streams, forums, groups, networking to name but a few. None of these are particularly difficult or expensive to do, they just take time if you are to do them properly.

What is it about your business that is different from your competitors? For example: The Honest Marketing Group is different from other marketing agencies because we are honest and upfront about everything we do. Our values include fair, simple and distinct and these values show up in everything we do.

Our pricing policy is fair as we are open and transparent about how we charge. We don’t charge larger companies larger prices for the same work or time we spend on their marketing activities.

Our services and packages are simple as we show upfront what is included and although they can be flexible, at least you know exactly what you are going to get for your money.

Our business is distinct because we actually run 2 businesses outside of the marketing agency which means we keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s working right now and we also understand the needs and concerns of small and medium business owners which means we can offer the right support.

If you would like to get to know us a little better, and find out how we can help your business stand out from the crowd, why not book a one hour consultation with us – it’s free and without obligation so what do you have to lose? Just click here for our contact details.

The Honest Marketing Group

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